Saturday, March 5, 2011


It’s been a while since my last blog post and I’m feeling inspired to share some good stuff. In January I was lucky to spend some time in Maui, which was amazing. I loved my time there, but soon after I was brought back to reality. Upon my return home and to work, I’d daydream about Maui and figured there had to be some great modern gems throughout the island which I just hadn’t come across. Well, I found one and it’s sublime, simple and raw.

The home is on the North of the Island on a beach called Slaughterhouse Beach, near the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. Olson Kundig Architects made use of simple and honest materials, such as corrugated metal, glass, concrete, rammed earth walls and Ipe wood. They combined traditional hawaiian architectural elements, modern sustainable features and functional creativity.

I would have loved to have seen this home in person, it’s huge, but in the photos it blends very well with its environment. From my readings, I found that not only does the house appear to blend well with its environment it also respects it and makes good use of it. The roof lines are reminiscent of traditional hawaiian roof lines, the extra deep overhangs to protect the interior from the elements. The roof is designed in a way to help ventilate the interior and makes use of the trade winds as a cooling aid. The thick (18”) rammed earth walls also keep the heat out during the day and keep the warmth in at night - the material used to build these walls is all local and toxins free.

The way the entire front of the house opens up to the vast views is what I most loved about the architecture. This fully pulls the exterior with its amazing views right into the home, the line of sight created by the massive, dramatic and amazing cantilevered accentuates this, taking your eye right out to the views, the horizon.. and the local surfers ;). The table’s end pokes through the glass front when it’s closed and seems endless when it’s open. The main room is effortlessly great with a lot of open space... simple and clutter free.

I can only imagine what it would be like to walk through there, pick up a mai tai and sit on this concrete table to watch one of Maui’s legendary sunsets or voracious rain pours.

Info & photos in this post came from various online sources, including the "La La Land" article featured in the WSJ: The Magazine from the Wall Street Journal

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